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We are proud to offer a wide variety of equipment to answer all your tanning needs, whether you are a frequent tanner or an occasional one. Our tanning equipment is by Matrix, Sun Ergoline, Ultrabronz and Mystic tan, the leading names in the world of tanning today and all have incredible features that set us apart from the competition.

Equipment type may vary depends on the location


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The most powerful tanning unit in the world featuring 360 degrees of true high pressure technology, with state of the art filtration system, filtering out most of the burning rays and delivers an outstanding longest lasting tan which can be maintain with as little as two visits per month.

Excellence 800

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The ultimate tanning experience delivers flawless golden bronze results. The Excellence 800 has everything when it comes to comfort and convenience featuring adjustable high pressure facials and shoulder lamps, A/C temperature control on face and body, voice guide, aqua mist and aroma provide a refreshing sense of relaxation to the experience.


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Powerful blend of technology and comfort providing the bronziest longest lasting tan through state of the art filtration system, filtering out most of the burning rays resulting in instantaneous perfect color, all while you laying in comfort on a massage mattress.

Classic 650

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The latest in tanning innovation, the Classic 650 hybrid concept featuring high pressure lamps in the canopy and turbo power UV lamps in the base. Complete with shoulder tanners for all around tan. The Classic 650 delivers a deep and longer lasting tan that will impress any tanning enthusiast.

Avantgard 600

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Sleek design with proven extraordinary results, featuring adjustable high pressure facials and shoulder lamps. A/C temperature control on face and body. voice guide and a contoured body acrylic for maximum comfort providing cool and relaxing tanning session.

Stand-Up Lounge

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Hi performance VHR stand up featuring 50- turbo power, 200 watts tanning lamps provide a deep all around tan that is achieved in a quick 10 minutes session.

Evolution 500

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Ultra performance technology with the latest in design featuring adjustable high pressure facial lamps and reflectors neck tanners ensures that every part of the body will be covered. A body shaped acrylic and powerful cooling ventilation providing maximum comfort.

Advantage 350

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Setting a new standard for entry-level beds. Featuring high pressure facial lamps, reflector neck tanner, adjustable cooling fan and generous comfort insuring a perfect all around tan.